Reviving a Classic: 1964 Dodge Polara Seeks Restoration Enthusiast

In a bid for a new lease on life, a 1964 Dodge Polara has surfaced on eBay, waiting for a passionate restorer to breathe vitality back into its vintage frame. Seller mb3833, parting with this piece from a personal collection, labels it as a part of a “package of barn finds,” presenting a promising prospect for those keen on a comprehensive restoration project.

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A Glimpse into the Past

The 1964 Polara, hailing from the second generation introduced in 1962, holds a distinct place in automotive history. Although the specifics about its original engine configuration remain elusive, the owner affirms its untouched status, suggesting the factory-fitted mill remains nestled under the hood. From the economical 225 six-cylinder to the potent 426, the second-gen Polara lineup catered to diverse preferences.

Unveiling the Restoration Canvas

While the Polara showcases a generally commendable condition, a notable setback lies in the rusty floor pans. Water leakage from the rear window is cited as the culprit, necessitating a complete floor replacement rather than patchwork. Despite the non-starting engine, the fact that it turns over by hand leaves room for optimism. The interior, remarkably intact, awaits a meticulous cleaning to reveal its true condition, with the seats showing no apparent signs of wear.


Q1: What caused the rusty floor pans on the 1964 Polara?

A1: The floor damage was a result of water leakage from the rear window, leading to rapid rust invasion.

Q2: Is the engine of the Polara in working condition?

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A2: The engine turns over by hand but does not start. Interested buyers are advised to inspect it in person for a comprehensive assessment.

Q3: What is the starting bid for the 1964 Dodge Polara on eBay?

A3: The Polara is listed with a starting bid of $5,500 on eBay, and the auction is without a reserve.

Q4: Where is the vehicle located, and what recommendation is given to potential buyers?

A4: The Polara is located in Philadelphia. Interested buyers are encouraged to inspect the vehicle in person before committing to a purchase and should be prepared with a trailer due to the non-working engine.

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