The year 1978 wasn’t kind to the Chevrolet Nova, despite the optimistic claims made in Chevrolet’s marketing materials. The Nova’s popularity among police agencies, touted by GM, didn’t prevent a significant decline in its production that year, with a drop of up to 100,000 units. Chevrolet only rolled out 288,000 units, mainly due to competition from the downsized Malibu.

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Chevrolet, undeterred by the Nova’s struggles, stuck to a tried-and-true engine strategy. The 1978 Nova was available with a choice of engines. The base model came with a 250 six-cylinder engine, while options included the 305 V8 with 145 horsepower and the more potent 350, packing 170 horsepower.

This 1978 Nova, currently listed on eBay by Country Classic Cars (username: countryclassiccars77), has a compelling backstory. It’s described as a barn find, recently rescued from storage. Unfortunately, specifics about how long it sat idle are not available. It remains uncertain whether it was tucked away for just a few years or stored in a climate-controlled garage.

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Judging from the provided photos, the Nova’s storage conditions appear to have been relatively kind. Although it requires some metal work, the original paint still adorns the body. The owner claims that everything on this Nova is entirely original, preserving its factory configuration.

The real highlight is found under the hood. The six-cylinder engine in this 1978 Nova still runs, and it’s ready for daily driving without the need for immediate repairs. Everything seems to be in working order, making it a practical choice for a potential owner.

The 1978 Nova might not be a highly sought-after collector’s item, but it offers versatility. Whether you prefer to keep it in its current condition or transform it into a hot rod with the right modifications, it’s a sturdy Chevrolet that has endured the test of time. Its next journey should be a return to the open road.

The eBay listing for this 1978 Nova is priced at $7,000, which may seem a bit ambitious considering the model’s typical market value. However, the “Make Offer” option is available for negotiation. If you’re interested, the Nova is located in Staunton, Illinois, and it’s ready to be driven home without the need for towing. It’s advisable to conduct a thorough inspection before embarking on a long trip with this classic car.

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1978 Nova planning a return to the tarmac

**FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions**

**Q1: Is the 1978 Nova in running condition?**
A1: Yes, the six-cylinder engine in this 1978 Nova is in working condition, making it suitable for daily driving without immediate repairs.

**Q2: How much is the 1978 Nova listed for on eBay?**
A2: The asking price on eBay is $7,000, but there’s room for negotiation with the “Make Offer” option.

**Q3: Where is the 1978 Nova located?**
A3: The Nova is currently located in Staunton, Illinois, and it’s ready to be driven home without the need for towing.

**Q4: Is the Nova in its original condition?**
A4: The owner claims that everything on this 1978 Nova is completely original, maintaining its factory configuration and appearance.

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