A Glimpse of Nostalgia: 1965 Mustang Seeks Restoration Enthusiast

Amidst the elements, a 1965 Ford Mustang languishes on someone’s property, whispering tales of its glory days and challenging a potential restorer to breathe life back into its timeless design. Despite its weathered state, this two-door classic holds promise for a restoration adventure.

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The Unveiling: What the Mustang Brings to the Table

Presented on Craigslist in search of a new caretaker, this ’65 Mustang appears to have retained much of its essence. While the owner’s information is sparse, the visuals suggest completeness, a crucial factor for any viable restoration. Yet, the true story lies beyond the photos, urging interested parties to inspect this vintage gem personally.

Examining the Challenges: Rust and Resilience

The images hint at the potential rust, a common woe for classics left to weather the years outdoors. Expecting rust on the undersides is pragmatic, especially concerning the floors that might demand replacement. A closer look becomes imperative, unveiling the true extent of the restoration journey.

Under the Hood: A Six-Cylinder Tale

Beneath the hood rests a six-cylinder engine, shrouded in mystery due to the seller’s reticence. Prudent assumptions suggest a non-operational state, urging prospective buyers to hope for the engine’s hand-turning capability. The 1965 Mustang, with its 200 six-cylinder heart, beckons enthusiasts to revive its 120 horsepower legacy.

Seeking a New Home: The Price of Potential

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With negotiations commencing at $3,000, this Mustang awaits its savior in Cicero, New York. The challenge lies not just in the restoration but also in transporting this vintage icon home. Despite the reluctance witnessed in its prolonged Craigslist listing, the allure of a resurrected ’65 Mustang promises an automotive adventure for the right restorer.


Q1: What is the current asking price for the 1965 Ford Mustang?

A1: The owner initiates negotiations at $3,000, presenting an opportunity for potential buyers.

Q2: How road-worthy is the Mustang in its current state?

A2: The Mustang, having spent an extended period by the roadside, may not be road-worthy. Prospective buyers are advised to arrange suitable transportation, possibly a trailer.

Q3: What engine powers the 1965 Ford Mustang?

A3: The Mustang features a six-cylinder engine, characteristic of the 200 six-cylinder unit with a 120 horsepower rating from the 1965 model year.

Q4: Is the 1965 Ford Mustang suitable for restoration?

A4: Yes, the ’65 Mustang holds promise for restoration, provided interested parties undertake a thorough inspection to gauge the extent of work required.

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