The Camaro RS/SS, a rare classic, has recently surfaced on eBay. It’s a vintage car lover’s dream come true. This Camaro is looking for a new owner who can provide the same level of care it has received all these years. Let’s dive into the details.

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The Camaro’s History

This classic car, produced in 1967, is a special find. In that year, the Z/28 was the rarest Camaro, but the RS and SS models were also far from common. Chevrolet manufactured only 64,842 and 34,411 units of the RS and SS, respectively. However, some enthusiasts desired the perfect blend of both, creating the iconic RS/SS combo.

Originally, this Camaro rolled off the assembly lines in Van Nuys, California, with its destination set for Mexico. It was driven in the country until 1978 when it found a new home in a collector’s garage. Since then, it has been resting in a climate-controlled environment, sheltered from the elements. As a result, this Camaro has maintained its pristine condition, free from rust and adorned with its original factory parts.

Recent Upgrades and Changes

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In July 2022, this Camaro made its way back to the United States with a specific goal in mind – to hit the open road once more. After its return, it underwent a meticulous tune-up, receiving a new suspension system, refreshed air conditioning, and various repairs to ensure its roadworthiness.

Two notable changes have been made to this classic car. Initially equipped with a 350 V8 engine, it now boasts a replacement unit. Though the reasons for the engine swap aren’t disclosed, the new engine performs admirably, coupled with a Muncie 4-speed transmission.

The second significant change is the paint color. Originally, Chevrolet painted this Camaro in Carmine White, but a previous owner decided to go with Capri Cream. While it looks fantastic, purists seeking an RS/SS with only original features may need to look elsewhere.

1967 Chevrolet Camaro

**FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions**

**Q1: What is the Camaro’s mileage?**
A: The odometer reads 67,000 miles, which appears to be original despite the engine replacement.

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**Q2: How much is the Camaro RS/SS listed for?**
A: The owner is asking for nearly $68,000, but they’ve enabled the “Make Offer” option, indicating a willingness to negotiate.

**Q3: Where can I inspect the Camaro in person?**
A: You can see this Camaro in Houston, Texas, where it has been kept away from rain and harsh sunlight, preserving its paint.

In summary, this Camaro RS/SS is a well-preserved classic car with a unique history. While it has undergone some changes, it remains in excellent condition, making it a highly desirable collectible for vintage car enthusiasts. If you’re interested, the owner is open to price discussions, and you can inspect the car in Houston.

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