The 1962 Chevrolet Corvette (C1) was the first generation of the Corvette sports car. It made its debut in 1953 and lasted until 1962. This generation is also known as the “one-axle” generation because the independent rear suspension did not appear until the second generation of the Stingray in 1963. .

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Collins learns of a rare vintage Corvette in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in need of rescue. It belongs to a military man who is also the second owner of the vehicle. He parked it some time after getting married and always held out hope of restoring it. “The paper that I looked at that you sent me, it looks like it could have been here since 1970,” Collins said. It has the engine that matches the original number, and Collins is happy that it comes with a cast aluminum valve cover.

The code on the engine says ‘RD’, which means it’s not the base model’s C1 engine but the 300 hp (304 ps) cruise version of the model. The base model C1 Corvette engine has the designation ‘RC’ and produces 250 hp (253 ps). It still has the original radiator, spill-resistant fuel tank and ignition shield, which Collins thinks is great because they are hard to find components for cars of this era. The history of the C1 Corvette is also quite interesting.

Its launch was rushed because the automaker wanted to capitalize on the public reaction to the concept car. As a result, they failed to meet market expectations leading to a drop in sales. Chevrolet almost canceled the production program but then decided to improve the second generation. As a result, the 1963 Corvette had no trunk and had a rear suspension. Collins’ shed was found in a dilapidated state despite having an unrepaired engine bay, so a lot of restoration work will be needed to return it to its original shape.

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