Introduced in late 1969, the 1970 Dodge Challenger quickly gained popularity, selling nearly 77,000 units in its first year. Surpassing its Plymouth counterpart, the Barracuda, the 1970 Challenger became a common classic. However, within this broad popularity lies a fascinating tale of rarity and uniqueness.

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The scarcest iteration of the 1970 Dodge Challenger is the HEMI version. A mere 287 customers opted for the powerful 426-cubic-inch V8, including 60 Special Edition models and only nine convertibles. Equally limited were the units equipped with the 440-cubic-inch Six-Pack V8, with a total of 1,640 sold, and just 99 featuring a convertible top.

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While the six-cylinder Challenger may not be considered a desirable classic, its scarcity is notable. Only 350 units with the Special Edition bundle and 378 convertibles were sold.

The convertible body style stands out as the rarest. Only 5% of the 76,935 Challengers sold in 1970 were convertibles, totaling 3,884 units. A mere 963 of them boasted the high-performance R/T option.

This particular Challenger, painted in the uncommon Top Banana hue, represents a rare gem. Undergoing a meticulous restoration, it features a 440-cubic-inch RB engine, generating 375 horsepower. Notably, it is one of just 163 drop-tops with the four-barrel 440 and one of 129 units equipped with the three-speed automatic gearbox.

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Beyond its mechanical prowess, what truly sets this Challenger apart is a small but significant feature. Adorning the trunk lid is a yellow-and-blue “Mr. Norm’s” sticker, marking it as the only known U-Code Challenger R/T Convertible sold by the renowned Grand Spaulding Dodge dealership.

Established in 1962 by Norm Kraus, Grand Spaulding Dodge gained prominence akin to Yenko Chevrolet and Royal Pontiac by focusing on performance upgrades. “Mr. Norm” cars, products of this dealership, are highly sought-after today.

While lacking extra performance features, the Challenger’s one-of-one status and impeccable restoration make it one of the finest and most valuable classic Mopars. Its worth will be determined at the Kissimmee 2024 auction on January 13.

## FAQs

**Q1: How many 1970 Dodge Challengers were sold in the first year?**
A1: Nearly 77,000 units were sold in the first year.

**Q2: Which Challenger version is the scarcest?**
A2: The HEMI edition, with only 287 units, holds that distinction.

**Q3: What makes this Challenger unique?**
A3: Apart from its rarity, it bears the only known “Mr. Norm’s” U-Code Challenger R/T Convertible sticker from Grand Spaulding Dodge.

**Q4: How many convertible Challengers had the R/T option?**
A4: Only 963 of the 3,884 convertible Challengers had the high-performance R/T option.

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