Embrace automotive perfection as Carlex Design unveils its latest masterpiece, a meticulously tuned classic – the 1986 BMW 635 in the coveted 635 configuration. Limited to a global production of just seven units, this restoration project beautifully blends classic aesthetics with modern enhancements, setting a new standard for automotive excellence.

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A Timeless Exterior with a Modern Twist

Carlex Design’s approach to the BMW 635 focused on preserving its classic charm while infusing modern elements. The original LED headlamps make way for the classic clusters, harmoniously framing the iconic kidney grille. Every external lighting unit, from turn signals to fog lamps and taillights, maintains an authentic classic appeal. Complementing the black-painted panels, the three-piece wheels, crafted from aluminum and stainless steel, seamlessly integrate into the model’s era.

Opulent Brown Leather Interiors with Artisanal Craftsmanship

Step into luxury with the brown leather interiors that grace this 1986 BMW 635. Carlex Design’s artisans meticulously hand-painted the leather upholstery, imparting a rich patina finish. Suede inserts add a touch of sophistication to the cabin. Even the steering wheel and traditional gauges receive the patinated leather treatment, featuring steel needles with a high-gloss finish. The classic radio, artfully retained, seamlessly connects to smartphones for a perfect blend of vintage aesthetics and modern functionality.

Precision Performance and Enhanced Suspension

Carlex Design doesn’t compromise on performance. Enhancing the suspension for precision in cornering while preserving the comfortable ride was a priority. The chassis configuration, bearing the unmistakable signature of Carlex Design, ensures that the BMW 635 delivers an unparalleled driving experience. While specifics on the modifications to the mechanical components remain undisclosed, the promise is clear – a perfect blend of form and function.


Q1: How many units of the BMW 635 project has Carlex Design produced?

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A1: Carlex Design has limited the production of the BMW 635 project to just seven units, destined for a global audience.

Q2: What distinguishes the exterior of the tuned BMW 635?

A2: The exterior retains classic aesthetics with original headlamp clusters and lighting units, complemented by modern three-piece wheels.

Q3: How does Carlex Design combine classic and modern elements in the interiors?

A3: The interiors feature opulent brown leather upholstery with a hand-painted patina finish, suede inserts, and a seamlessly integrated classic radio connected to smartphones.

Q4: What is the driving experience like with the enhanced suspension on the BMW 635?

A4: Carlex Design ensures precision in cornering without compromising comfort, making the BMW 635 a perfect blend of luxury and performance.

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