The Birth of a Legend

The Chevelle Super Sport, often referred to as the SS, had already gained immense popularity in the Impala lineup. Capitalizing on this success, Chevrolet introduced the Chevelle SS, which initially took the form of the Malibu SS. This debut marked the birth of an icon, gracing the Chevelle with exclusive features not found in standard models, including coveted elements like 14-inch wheel covers, bucket seats, a floor console, and, of course, the iconic SS emblems that continue to captivate car enthusiasts.

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The Quest for Revival

A 1965 Chevelle SS has emerged from obscurity on eBay, likely after a prolonged slumber in storage. This classic gem rests within a storage unit, its age reflected in the predictable rust issues, particularly affecting the floors.

The presence of rust, especially on the floors, is a telltale sign of extended dormancy. While a storage unit offers protection, it is not immune to the ravages of time. Luckily, the extent of the corrosion appears manageable, with particular attention needed for the undersides, where the passage of time has left its mark.

eBay seller HOLLYWOOD GENERAL STORE assures prospective buyers that this Chevelle retains its SS allure, complete with the iconic bucket seats. Furthermore, it comes with a host of extras, providing valuable resources for restoration efforts.

Under the Hood Mystery

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Information about the engine is regrettably sparse, with the owner merely indicating that a small-block V8 originally powered this Chevelle off the assembly line. The 1965 Chevelle offered engine options inherited from the Impala, including the 327 with either 250 or 300 horsepower. In addition, Chevrolet introduced a formidable 350-horsepower engine option for the 1965 Chevelle.

Many vital questions remain unanswered, leaving aspects of this Chevelle SS shrouded in mystery. Details about its completeness and originality are particularly elusive. However, the available photographs suggest that no major components are missing, including the well-preserved convertible top. To unveil the full extent of potential rust and other issues, an in-person inspection is highly recommended.

Price and Opportunity

With a Chevelle SS that retains its completeness and manages to evade severe rust problems, the asking price is unsurprisingly substantial. The owner aspires to secure nearly $20,000 for this classic car, though as of now, there have been no takers in the bidding race. For any prospective buyer, the allure of owning this piece of automotive history beckons. Currently residing within a storage unit, this Chevelle SS offers an exciting opportunity for a new owner to breathe fresh life into it and transport it to its next home.


Q1: What is an eBay “no-reserve” auction?

A1: In an eBay “no-reserve” auction, there is no minimum price set for the item being auctioned. The highest bidder, regardless of the final bid amount, wins the auction and has the opportunity to purchase the item.

Q2: What are common signs of a classic car that has been in storage for an extended period?

A2: Classic cars that have been in storage for a prolonged period may exhibit signs of rust, especially on the undersides and floors. Interior components such as seats may show wear and tear, and the overall condition of the car may vary depending on the storage conditions.

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Q3: What should potential buyers look for in a classic car listed on eBay?

A3: Potential buyers should consider factors such as the car’s completeness, originality, and the extent of any rust or damage. A thorough in-person inspection is often the best way to assess the condition of a classic car listed on eBay before making a purchase.

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