The German marque bolsters its most ambitious product plan, set to happen in less than three years.

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According to Marc Lichte, Audi’s design director, the German brand is preparing to launch its most ambitious product plan in the next few years. The plan will involve the release of more than 20 cars, including a range of electric-powered vehicles and successors to existing internal combustion engine models.

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Lichte stated in an exclusive interview with UK’s Auto Express, “We’re working on electric vehicles and the successors to the ICE models. We’re about to witness the biggest product launch in the world. Audi’s history with over 20 cars over the next two years That’s why we’re focusing on cars like the Activesphere concept, this is our last show car for the next few years so we can focus on mass production.”

This statement highlights the brand’s focus on transitioning towards full electrification and the importance of the new-generation electric cars, as seen in the A6 E-Tron, which is already being tested in public, and the newly unveiled Audi Activesphere Concept.

The Activesphere concept is a significant vehicle in Audi’s future vision of mobility. It’s the last of the “sphere” concepts and is designed as a luxury coupe that can transform into a pickup, showcasing the automaker’s ability to combine versatility and technology. According to the company, the Activesphere is packed with ideas and technology that may be years away from becoming reality, but it highlights the potential of high-tech vehicles in the future.

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