A Storied Legacy: The Potent 390 V8 in Fourth-Gen Thunderbirds

Unveiling the heart of the fourth-generation Thunderbird, the 390 V8 stood as a formidable force, continuing the legacy of its predecessors. While later models offered more powerful alternatives, the 1964 T-Bird showcased the prowess of the 390, delivering an impressive 300 horsepower. Let’s delve into a recent eBay find that echoes the glory of this classic powerhouse.

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Sales Triumph: Fourth-Gen Thunderbird’s First Model Year

The fourth-generation Thunderbird made a resounding debut in 1964, riding on the popularity of the potent 390 V8. Ford witnessed remarkable sales, shipping nearly 92,500 units in the inaugural year. The following years maintained substantial figures, with close to 75,000 units in 1965 and around 69,000 units in 1966, marking the end of this iconic generation.

eBay Spotlight: Restoring the 1964 Thunderbird

A 1964 Thunderbird recently surfaced on eBay, offering enthusiasts a chance to own a piece of automotive history. Sporting its original red finish and boasting only 47,000 miles on the odometer, this T-Bird exudes authenticity. The original 390 V8 still resides under the hood, promising a nostalgic journey once revived.

The Project Ahead: TLC and Restoration Potential

While the Thunderbird maintains its allure, it requires some tender loving care to return to the road fully. The owner notes that the car starts and runs properly, but routine maintenance and minor TLC, including brake work due to a leak, are on the to-do list. The vehicle has already seen new belts, spark plugs, and a carburetor replacement.

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However, metalwork is in order to address typical rust issues, especially on the rear passenger side. Although not for the faint of heart, restoring this Thunderbird to a factory condition presents a rare opportunity for enthusiasts seeking authenticity.

FAQs: Exploring the eBay Find

1. Q: What is the current condition of the 1964 Thunderbird?
– A: The Thunderbird is in impressive condition with its original red finish and 47,000 miles on the odometer. The original 390 V8 is still operational.

2. Q: What maintenance has the Thunderbird undergone?
– A: The vehicle has received new belts, spark plugs, and a carburetor. However, routine maintenance and minor TLC, including brake work, are needed.

3. Q: What restoration aspects should buyers consider?
– A: The Thunderbird requires metalwork to address rust issues, particularly on the rear passenger side. Buyers interested in a factory configuration should inquire about the vehicle’s originality before purchase.

4. Q: What is the price and auction details for the Thunderbird?
– A: The Thunderbird is listed with a Buy It Now option at $5,000. Bidding starts at $2,500, and the auction, ending in approximately eight days, offers enthusiasts a chance to acquire this classic piece.

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