A Shift in Chevrolet’s Landscape

In the annals of automotive history, the year 1959 marked a pivotal juncture for Chevrolet. This was the epoch when the iconic Bel Air and the nascent Impala diverged paths, with the latter showing early indications of becoming a cash-spinning marvel. Bolstered by escalating customer interest, the Impala transcended its initial incarnation as a premier Bel Air version, ascending to the status of an autonomous series in 1959. Although its production spanned a mere two years, this was ample time for the Impala to ascend to superstardom, inevitably relegating the Bel Air to a secondary role in Chevrolet’s narrative.

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A Confluence of Rarity and Excellence

Embarking on a journey through the hallowed pages of automotive history, one stumbles upon a 1959 Impala of unparalleled magnificence currently seeking a new abode on eBay. Yet, this isn’t an ordinary Impala; it boasts a pedigree that speaks volumes and encompasses every criterion capable of enthralling a collector’s discerning eye, alluring them to invest substantially.

The NASCAR Connection

The pages of history are interwoven with the name of Richard “Dick” Foley, a figure who graced the NASCAR scene. His NASCAR debut in 1957 marked the inception of a journey that led him to compete in seven Sprint Cup Series events. While not enshrined as a NASCAR legend, Foley’s legacy is preserved in his 1959 Impala, an astonishing time capsule adorned with originality.

A Transfer of Custodianship

eBay’s diligent purveyor, 321impala, reveals that the Impala’s journey includes a transition of ownership. Acquired from Foley himself, who commissioned the Impala but never took it for a spin, the new owner meticulously revived the vehicle’s mechanical prowess. Through devoted efforts, the Impala regained vitality, gracing the open road while retaining the breathtaking allure evident in the accompanying images.

The Heartbeat Beneath

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Under the Impala’s hood, the rhythmic heartbeat of a 348 (5.7-liter) V8 resonates. A pristine marriage of mechanics and performance, this engine kindles to life flawlessly, setting the wheels in motion. The 348, reigning as the zenith of the V8 lineup for that model year, complements a roster that includes the renowned 283 (4.3-liter) Turbo-Fire.

A Symphony of Transmission

The enchantment of the Tri-Power mystique on this Impala is harmoniously choreographed with a 4-speed transmission, a symphony of power and precision that enhances the driving experience.

A Glimpse at the Ages

Staying true to its origins, the Impala bears the original metal, untouched by the hands of rust repair. Its age-defying visage exudes magnificence, a testament to its enduring legacy. While not flawlessly pristine, it undeniably merits a distinguished place within any collector’s treasure trove. Eschewing rust-related concerns, the vehicle’s floors and trunk remain impeccable, save for a few inconspicuous blemishes that warrant personalized inspection.

An Autograph of Legacy

Beyond its array of distinctive features, this time capsule boasts an emblem of legacy – Richard Foley’s autograph gracing the confines of the glove box. Elevating its stature, this Impala transcends mere artifact, metamorphosing into a museum-worthy artifact of profound historical resonance.


Q1: What marked the distinction between the Bel Air and the Impala in 1959?

A1: In 1959, Chevrolet’s Impala soared into autonomy from the Bel Air lineage, driven by surging customer demand and its meteoric rise as a stand-alone series.

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Q2: Who was Richard “Dick” Foley, and how does he relate to the 1959 Impala?

A2: Richard “Dick” Foley, a NASCAR driver who debuted in 1957, is intricately linked to the 1959 Impala as its first owner. Despite not being a NASCAR luminary, Foley’s Impala remains a time capsule of pristine originality.

Q3: What powers the 1959 Impala, and how does it perform?

A3: Beneath its hood lies a 348 (5.7-liter) V8 engine that effortlessly roars to life, delivering an engaging driving experience.

Q4: What is the significance of the 4-speed transmission?

A4: The Impala’s Tri-Power allure harmonizes seamlessly with a 4-speed transmission, augmenting both power and precision during the drive.

Q5: How has the Impala’s condition endured the test of time?

A5: The Impala’s enduring originality is a testament to its untouched state, with no rust repairs conducted. While not impeccably flawless, its floors and trunk remain untarnished.

Q6: What elevates this 1959 Impala beyond being a classic car?

A6: This Impala encapsulates history, bearing the autograph of its original owner, Richard Foley, a remarkable touch that transforms it into a museum-worthy relic.

Q7: What is the current bidding status for the 1959 Impala on eBay?

A7:The 1959 Impala has garnered substantial bidding activity on eBay, with the top offer already surpassing $55,000. As the auction progresses, it is anticipated that the final selling price will reflect its exceptional condition.

Q8: How can potential buyers view the Impala in person?

A8: Enthusiasts eager to witness the splendor of the Impala firsthand can make their way to Melbourne, Florida, where the vehicle is lovingly preserved as it awaits its next custodian.

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