In the late ’80s, the Chevrolet Monte Carlo faced a steady decline in popularity. Despite a robust start in 1981, with nearly 188,000 units sold, the momentum dwindled. The 1984 refresh marked a significant downturn, and by 1988, the final year of the fourth generation, sales plummeted from 112,000 units to a mere 30,000 cars.

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The 1987 Monte Carlo played a pivotal role in this decline, introducing a substantial number of SS models to the market. The production included close to 32,000 units equipped with the 5.0-liter engine. The coupe, with 73,000 units, remained the primary driver of sales, while the Aerocoupe, available for the second time since its debut in 1986, accounted for 6,000 units—an impressive increase from its initial 200 units in the first year.

A Remarkable Find on eBay

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Fast forward to the present, a Monte Carlo listed on eBay by seller shelbycuda64 has captured attention with an extraordinary package.

This Chevrolet stands out as virtually a new car, requiring no repairs. Every aspect, from the paint to the undersides, interior, and engine, is in impeccable condition. The car is complete, unmolested, and unrestored—a true time capsule that retains the scent of newness.

The engine runs flawlessly, but the real surprise lies in the odometer reading—just 11,000 miles (approximately 18,000 kilometers). This low mileage, attributed to the odometer’s use of kilometers, explains the car’s exceptional state, having spent more time stored than on the road, preserving it from rust or other metal issues.

Solid Metal and Ready for Display

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Concerns about rust are nonexistent, as the metal is as solid as the day the car left the assembly line. This Monte Carlo needs nothing and is not only ready for a garage but could also grace a museum, presenting a perfect example of a 1987 model year.

Adorning the SS package, this Monte Carlo, though not as alluring as its ’60s counterparts, retains a touch of rarity.

Despite its exceptional condition, the 1987 Monte Carlo faces a tough sell due to its status as a less desirable “classic.” The owner is seeking $38,000 for this “new old” Chevy, with no indication of other offers being entertained.

# FAQs

##Why did the Monte Carlo experience a decline in the late ’80s?

The decline in the Monte Carlo’s popularity in the late ’80s was attributed to a gradual loss of traction after a strong start in 1981. Sales milestones dipped significantly, with the 1984 refresh and the final year of the fourth generation in 1988 marking a massive decline.

## What makes the 1987 Monte Carlo listed on eBay special?

The 1987 Monte Carlo listed on eBay is exceptional due to its pristine condition, low mileage (11,000 miles), and the fact that it retains the original scent of a new car. It stands as a well-preserved time capsule.

## Why is the selling price of $38,000 considered challenging?

Despite its remarkable condition, the 1987 Monte Carlo faces challenges in the market as it is not deemed the most desirable “classic.” The owner’s asking price of $38,000 may pose difficulties in finding a buyer.

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