In 1979, the Pontiac Firebird, especially the Trans Am model, enjoyed considerable popularity. More than 211,000 Firebirds were produced, and the Trans Am constituted a significant portion with over 117,000 units.

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Engine Options and Special Editions

During this model year, the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am came with a single engine option. Buyers could choose between the renowned Oldsmobile 403 and the Pontiac 400. The majority of Trans Ams were equipped with the 403 engine, and Pontiac created over 5,600 units with the Tenth Anniversary package.

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An intriguing Trans Am project is currently listed on eBay by the seller “cardprince.” This vehicle has been parked in a garage for an extended period, yet it still appears suitable for a complete restoration.

Upon close inspection, it’s evident that the car’s undersides are not as deteriorated as one might expect. However, there is an urgent need for attention to prevent rust damage from worsening over time.

Interior and Engine Status

The car’s interior is not visible, but it’s reasonable to assume it’s not in pristine condition. The crucial question is whether all the original components are still intact, making the restoration process more feasible. Fortunately, the engine has been rebuilt and is operational.

Although the car was initially equipped with a 403 engine, Pontiac produced 30,728 T-Tops with the L80 engine and an automatic transmission. While it should theoretically be road-ready, it’s safer to conduct a thorough inspection before attempting to drive it.

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The eBay listing indicates that the vehicle is nearly complete, with the only missing component being a wiring harness. However, essential questions about its originality and the duration it spent in the garage remain unanswered.

This Trans Am is available for bidding on eBay without a reserve, meaning the highest bidder will secure it. With the current top offer at $4,550 and 15 bidders vying for the Pontiac, it’s evident that it won’t be long before the car finds a new home.

The vehicle is currently located in Athol, Massachusetts.

1979 Trans Am


**Q1: How many 1979 Firebirds were produced, and what was the Trans Am’s share?**
A1: In 1979, over 211,000 Firebirds were produced, with the Trans Am model accounting for more than 117,000 units.

**Q2: What engine options were available for the 1979 Trans Am?**
A2: The 1979 Pontiac Trans Am offered two engine options: the Oldsmobile 403 and the Pontiac 400. The majority came with the 403 engine.

**Q3: Is the Trans Am on eBay in good condition for restoration?**
A3: While the vehicle has been in storage for a considerable period, it appears to be a viable candidate for restoration, but some areas require attention.

**Q4: What is the current status of the engine under the hood?**
A4: The engine has been rebuilt and is reported to be in working condition.

**Q5: Is the Trans Am road-ready, or does it need further work?**
A5: While it should theoretically be road-ready, it’s advisable to inspect the car thoroughly before attempting to drive it.

**Q6: Are there unanswered questions about the Trans Am on eBay?**
A6: Yes, there are unanswered questions regarding the car’s originality and the duration it spent in storage.

**Q7: What is the current bid and auction status for the Trans Am on eBay?**
A7: The top bid at the time of the press is $4,550, with 15 bidders participating in the auction. Since there is no reserve, the Trans Am will likely find a new owner soon.

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