It can be said that that is mainly because almost no one wanted this car when it was new. Convertibles fell out of fashion in the early 1970s and premiums for large displacement muscle cars were too expensive, so Plymouth offered only 12 HEMI-powered ‘Cudas convertibles in 1971. , the final five models of the mighty 426cc bike. inch (7.0 liter) V8.

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Three of these cars were shipped overseas and two were sold in Canada, leaving only seven in the US. By 2022, these ultra-rare Mopars will become extremely expensive. They climbed to the top of the mountain of classic muscle cars for a seven-figure price tag. It all started in 2007, when a blue model sold for $2.2 million. The car is perfect in every way except the new, periodically correct HEMI. A completely original model sold at auction for $3.5 million in 2014, becoming the most expensive muscle car in the world.

The HEMI’ Cuda Convertible is also the fifth most expensive car sold at auction in the United States, behind a few rare Shelby Cobras, a 1964 Ford GT40 prototype and a 1967 one-off Chevrolet Corvette L88. If for example Winchester Grey, will be auctioned in 2021, reaching an estimate of $5.75 to $6.5 million. With a high price tag of $4.8 million, the convertible did not sell.

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How many of the 12 original 1971 HEMI ‘Cudas still exist? We don’t know for sure, but their scarcity and exorbitant prices have motivated fans to make respectful copies. While some are said to be fake HEMI, others are so authentic that you have to verify the VIN to find out the factory specs. One such automobile is the Sassy Grass seen below.

This ‘Cuda 1971, introduced by the “Muscle Vehicle Campy,” wasn’t born with HEMI under the hood or a black “HEMI” sticker on the rear fender, but owners added both to make one muscle cars are already gorgeous as a show car. Either way, the car looks great, sounds great and is a much more affordable way to own a 1971 HEMI ‘Cuda. There’s so much to it. In-car footage is in the video below, so check it out.

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