In 1971, the Corvette coupe emerged as the dominant force in the Corvette lineup, constituting a significant portion of the 21,801 cars manufactured that year. Out of this total, an impressive 14,680 units were coupes, marking a notable increase in production.

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The surge in production was, in reality, a consequence of a relatively calm year in manufacturing compared to the preceding UAW strike. With the strike now history, Chevrolet could redirect its focus towards the core aspects that contributed to its success.

Despite its popularity, the coupe came with a higher price tag in 1971. While the convertible was priced at a minimum of $5,259 for the base model, the coupe commanded an even higher starting price of $5,496.

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Recently listed on eBay, a 1971 Corvette has surfaced, appealing to potential buyers willing to invest in its restoration. A quick glance reveals the toll time has taken on this Vette, as it languished on someone’s property, grappling with typical issues resulting from prolonged exposure to the elements.

The eBay seller, 3414kris, acknowledges rust in customary areas but asserts that the damage is superficial, with no perforations. Caution is advised, urging potential buyers to scrutinize the undersides thoroughly before committing to a purchase. While the floors may appear questionable, a closer inspection is imperative.

Considering the Corvette’s compromised originality, the owner suggests it may be better suited for a restomod project rather than a return to factory specifications. The possibility of components, such as the front clip, originating from a later Corvette raises questions about the car’s authenticity.

Beneath the hood lies a replaced 327 engine, its condition shrouded in uncertainty due to the Vette’s two-decade hiatus. Despite its dormancy, the engine still runs. The eBay auction has garnered substantial interest, with bidding reaching $4,600, though the reserve is yet to be met. An immediate purchase option stands at $8,000.

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Situated in Kansas City, Missouri, the Corvette awaits its new owner with a caveat – transportation requires a trailer, a necessity given its current state.

1971 Chevy Corvette

# FAQs

**Q1: What was the production breakdown of the 1971 Corvette?**
A1: Out of the 21,801 cars produced in 1971, the coupe accounted for 14,680 units.

**Q2: Why did production increase in 1971?**
A2: The production boost was a consequence of a relatively calm manufacturing year following the resolution of the UAW strike.

**Q3: How does the pricing of the 1971 Corvette coupe compare to the convertible?**
A3: The coupe was priced higher, starting at $5,496, compared to the convertible’s base price of $5,259.

**Q4: What is the condition of the Corvette listed on eBay?**
A4: The eBay-listed Corvette shows signs of prolonged exposure, with rust issues highlighted by the seller. However, the damage is claimed to be only surface-deep.

**Q5: Is the eBay Corvette suitable for restoration to factory specifications?**
A5: The owner suggests that due to its compromised originality, the Corvette may be better suited for a restomod project.

**Q6: What is the current engine in the eBay Corvette, and what is its condition?**
A6: The original 350 V8 engine is gone, replaced by a 327. The engine is reported to run, but its condition is uncertain due to a two-decade period of inactivity.

**Q7: What is the current bidding status on eBay, and what is the immediate purchase option?**
A7: Bidding has reached $4,600, but the reserve has not been met. An immediate purchase option is available at $8,000.

**Q8: Where is the Corvette located, and what is the transportation requirement for buyers?**
A8: The Corvette is in Kansas City, Missouri. Prospective buyers need a trailer for transportation due to the car’s current condition.

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