Rollercoaster Production Numbers

The inaugural chapter of the Firebird’s production saga kicked off in 1967 with 82,500 units. In a rollercoaster fashion, the numbers climbed significantly to 107,000 units the following year, only to plummet to 87,000 units in its final year.

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Throughout these years, the two-door hardtop consistently stole the show, reigning supreme in the 1969 model year with over 75,000 units. The convertible followed as the runner-up, boasting 11,649 units.

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In its early days, the Trans Am made a modest entrance with only 689 coupes and 8 convertibles produced. However, its destiny took a turn in the ’70s, propelling the Trans Am to the forefront as the flagship model driving Firebird sales.

The 1969 Firebird Convertible on eBay

This week on eBay, a 1969 Firebird convertible emerges, sporting a matching-numbers engine and a project car condition. The hope is to find a new home and undergo a second lease on automotive life.

While the Firebird is complete, it currently rests in a less-than-ideal state, resembling a resident of a junkyard. Signs suggest prolonged inactivity, with rust issues surfacing. However, specific details on the extent remain undisclosed.

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The undercarriage poses the most pressing concerns, potentially harboring hidden problems. A thorough inspection, likely requiring a lift, is imperative to grasp the complete scope of the Firebird’s condition.

The vehicle rolled off the assembly lines with a 350 V8 under the hood. However, the specifics about its current state and performance are shrouded in uncertainty.

Pontiac offered multiple 350 engine options for the 1969 model year, ranging from the base 250 six-cylinder to the potent 400 V8 with the Ram Air IV package, boasting 345 horsepower.

The Quest for a Firebird Project

Locating a Firebird project proves relatively common, yet stumbling upon a specimen ripe for straightforward restoration remains a challenge. This convertible could be the exception, though the dearth of information may deter potential buyers.

Crucial details, such as the vehicle’s originality and restoration status, remain undisclosed. Unveiling these aspects could significantly enhance the Firebird’s appeal. A complete restoration has the potential to elevate it into the realm of collector’s dreams, accompanied by a substantial price tag.

As of now, the Firebird is listed at a modest $9,500 on eBay, with the option for prospective buyers to submit offers. With 27 days on the clock, the countdown begins for enthusiasts to persuade their significant others of the necessity for this weathered but potentially magnificent pile of rusty metal.

# FAQs

**Q1: How much is the 1969 Firebird listed for on eBay?**
A: The current asking price is $9,500, with the option for potential buyers to make offers.

**Q2: What are the primary concerns with the Firebird’s condition?**
A: The vehicle exhibits signs of extended inactivity, with visible rust issues. The undercarriage poses the most significant concerns, necessitating a thorough inspection.

**Q3: What engine does the Firebird have, and what are the available options?**
A: The Firebird is equipped with a 350 V8, but the specific condition is unclear. Pontiac offered multiple 350 engine options for the 1969 model year, ranging from the base 250 six-cylinder to the powerful 400 V8 with the Ram Air IV package.

**Q4: Is the Firebird a rare find?**
A: While Firebird projects are relatively common, finding one suitable for easy restoration is challenging. The lack of information on this convertible adds an element of mystery to its potential rarity.

**Q5: What potential does the Firebird have for restoration?**
A: If fully restored, the Firebird could become a collector’s dream, potentially commanding a hefty price tag. However, the lack of disclosed information raises uncertainties about its restoration potential.

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