The second-generation Satellite underwent a significant change in 1968 with the introduction of the Sport model. This revamped version of the base Satellite came standard with a 318 engine but offered more powerful engine options. The initial success of the Sport Satellite prompted Plymouth to expand the series, including the addition of a four-door sedan in 1969.

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A 1970 Sport Satellite’s Current Condition

Fast forward to 2023, a 1970 Sport Satellite is in dire need of restoration. It has spent a considerable amount of time abandoned in someone’s yard and was recently listed on eBay. The task of bringing this old car back to life won’t be an easy one, mainly because it has been exposed to the elements for years.

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The posted photos provide clear evidence of the extensive work required to revive this Sport Satellite. The metal exterior is in rough shape, making it perilously close to being a rust bucket. The car’s floors are in a wrecked condition, and there’s little optimism for the condition of the trunk.

The body of the car shows similar damage, although not all the panels are critically damaged. The rust appears to be mainly on the surface, but a thorough, in-person inspection is necessary to ascertain the car’s overall condition accurately.

The car’s interior appears complete, but it’s in sync with the overall challenging state of the vehicle. The seats may not be salvageable, but on the plus side, it seems that no major parts are missing. This suggests that the Sport Satellite likely hasn’t served as a donor for other projects, though confirming this requires an in-person examination.

Under the hood, the original 383 engine rests, but its current condition remains uncertain. Given the Sport Satellite’s rough state, it’s improbable that the engine is in working condition, although there’s hope that it might turn over manually. In 1970, the 383 engine was a powerful choice for the Satellite, but many enthusiasts favored the 426 or the 440 big blocks.

The pictures shared by the seller, beynum62, make it clear that restoring this Satellite is not a task for the faint-hearted. It demands extensive repairs on multiple fronts. However, despite its challenging state, the owner isn’t willing to part with it at a bargain price. They claim that the Sport Satellite is a rare model, and this example represents a unique opportunity to restore a classic gem.

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Interested buyers can purchase this vintage Sport Satellite for $6,000, but the owner is open to considering other offers, as the “Make Offer” option is enabled. For those who wish to inspect the car in person before committing to a purchase, the vehicle is located in Waldorf, Maryland, where it patiently awaits the conclusion of the eBay auction.

1970 Sport Satellite fighting for life


**Q1: What is the model of the car in question?**
A: The car in question is a 1970 Sport Satellite, a model of the Plymouth Satellite series.

**Q2: What makes the Sport Satellite different from the base Satellite?**
A: The Sport Satellite is an upgraded version of the base Satellite and typically comes with more powerful engine options.

**Q3: What is the condition of the car, as mentioned in the listing?**
A: The car is in rough shape. The exterior metal is deteriorated, the floors are damaged, and the interior needs substantial work.

**Q4: What is the asking price for this Sport Satellite?**
A: The owner is selling it for $6,000, but they are open to considering other offers through the “Make Offer” option.

**Q5: Where is the car located for inspection or purchase?**
A: The car is located in Waldorf, Maryland, and potential buyers can view it in person at that location.

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