Unveiling the 1969 Chevrolet Nova SS with L78 Power

In the 1969 model year, the Nova SS showcased a distinctive blend of aesthetics and formidable engines. The focal point of this performance-oriented model was the 396 big block, code L34, generating 350 horsepower and finding its place in 1,947 units. Another variant, the L78, with the same displacement but boasting an enhanced power of 375 horsepower, was featured in 5,262 Novas.

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Chevrolet rolled out over 17,650 Nova SS units, with the L78 emerging as the most popular choice among buyers. Its dominance solidified its status as the go-to engine for enthusiasts.

A Peek into a Restored Classic

A 1969 Nova SS, showcasing a recently completed restoration, has surfaced on eBay. Despite lacking detailed specifications, the car flaunts an eye-catching Olympic Gold finish, likely not the original coat from Chevrolet.

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The eBay listing by seller kene9471 highlights an odometer reading of just 8,000 miles post-overhaul. While specifics about the restoration are absent, the original documents, including the Protect-O-Plate, accompany the vehicle.

The L78 engine transforms this Nova SS into a reliable “great driver,” as per the owner. Although lacking specific details, the mention of the car being able to attend “local shows” suggests overall good condition.

The car’s exterior appears impeccable, and post-purchase fixes seem unnecessary. The restoration’s extent, particularly regarding the undercarriage, remains unclear. Prospective buyers are advised to contact the seller for more information.

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# FAQs: Your Inquiries Answered

**Q1: How Original is the Nova SS?**
*The seller indicates that “many parts are production date coded,” suggesting a largely authentic build. In-person inspection is recommended to assess the overall restoration quality.*

**Q2: What is the Asking Price?**
*The owner is seeking $65,000 for the Nova SS, a reasonable expectation given its outstanding appearance, potent engine, and comprehensive restoration. The Make Offer option is available for negotiation.*

**Q3: Where Can You Find the Nova SS?**
*Located in Glen Cove, New York, the car is available on eBay. Additionally, it might make an appearance at local car shows, stealing the spotlight as a head-turner.*

1969 Nova SS

The 1969 model year shows how the powerful engines were integral to the SS recipe. The 396 big block, code L34, produced 350 horsepower and was installed on 1,947 units. The L78, which sported the same displacement but with power upgraded to 375 horsepower, made its way to 5,262 Novas.Eventually, Chevrolet produced over 17,650 Nova SS units, and the L78 was the most common choice.

The same engine is installed on this 1969 Nova SS that looks like it just got out of a complete restoration. The vehicle, which landed on eBay with few specifics, sports a mesmerizing Olympic Gold finish, though it’s unlikely to be the original coat of paint sprayed by Chevrolet before the Nova SS left the factory.

eBay seller kene9471 doesn’t specifically mention the restoration, though they do reveal that the odometer indicates just 8,000 miles. The car received a full overhaul not long ago, though it still comes with original documents, including the Protect-O-Plate.

The L78 under the hood turns the car into a “great driver,” as the owner explains. No other specifics are available, but considering they say the car can drive to “local shows,” it’s safe to assume everything is in tip-top shape.

The car looks almost spotless, and it doesn’t seem to require any fixes after the purchase. The rust isn’t a concern, but it’se unclear if the restoration included undercarriage work. Your best option is to contact the owner and ask more questions, especially about the restoration job.

For example, I’d like to know how original this Nova SS continues to be, though the seller says that “many parts are production date coded.” Theoretically, the car sports mostly correct parts, but inspecting the car in person should help a potential buyer determine the quality of the restoration.

A Nova SS in such an excellent shape can’t come with a low price, especially when it flexes a highly desirable engine under the hood. The L78 isn’t the rarest mill on the 1969 Nova SS, but is still a solid choice for buyers interested in a performance upgrade.

The owner wants $65,000 for the car, and it’s a fair expectation, considering the mix of excellent looks, massive muscle, and restored everything. However, they also enabled the Make Offer button, so if you want the car but have another deal in mind, you can contact the seller to negotiate the terms. You can find the Nova SS in Glen Cove, New York, but the chances are that you might also see the car at a nearby car show where it might be the head turner catching everybody’s attention.

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