In the latter years of its first generation, the Camaro witnessed a shift in buyer preferences, notably towards high-performance models. This transformation was evident in the increased sales of the RS, SS, and Z28 versions.

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Chevrolet’s production figures reflected this trend, with only 150,000 base Camaros produced. The RS model saw a substantial output of nearly 37,800 units, followed by the SS with 34,932 units. The Z28, experiencing a surge in popularity, went from 7,200 units to an impressive 20,302 units.

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In 1969, Chevrolet made a significant impact with the introduction of the COPO Camaro featuring the powerful 427 engine. The L72 version boasted 425 horsepower, while the ZL1 reached a staggering 430 horsepower.

# FAQs

**Q1: What engine options were available for the 1969 Camaro?**

A1: The 1969 Camaro offered a variety of engine options, with the notable introduction of the 427 engine on the COPO Camaro. The 350 V8 was also available in two versions—L65 with 250 horsepower and L48 with 300 horsepower.

**Q2: What is the condition of the Camaro RS in the photos?**

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A2: The Camaro RS featured in the photos originally had a 350 V8 engine. However, it has been noted that the engine is no longer present, likely removed after prolonged inactivity. The interior is complete but requires a comprehensive overhaul.

**Q3: Is the originality of the Camaro RS compromised?**

A3: While the original 350 V8 engine is missing, the Camaro RS still presents itself as a viable restoration candidate. The Hugger Orange paint, an original Chevrolet finish, remains intact, albeit needing a new coat. The absence of the original engine provides an opportunity for a powerful upgrade.

**Q4: What is the current bidding status of the Camaro SS?**

A4: Bidding for the Camaro SS is ongoing on eBay, with no reserve set by the owner. As of now, the highest bid stands at $8,000. The auction will conclude in five days, allowing potential buyers time to inspect the vehicle in person in Marseilles, Illinois, and arrange for transportation, considering the missing engine.

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