In the world of classic cars, a 1968 Impala has emerged from decades of slumber in a barn, hinting at its potential for an extensive revival.

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The 1968 Impala Model

Back in 1968, Chevrolet rolled out more than 710,000 Impalas, witnessing a significant increase of over 61,000 units compared to the previous year. This surge in production brought optimism to the GM brand, particularly as the Super Sport (SS) variant started to lose its charm. Initially introduced in 1961, the Super Sport had been the performance-oriented face of Impala sales. But in 1968, Chevrolet crafted only 38,210 SS units, down from 74,000 Super Sports in 1967.

The 1968 Impala convertible, currently up for sale on eBay by the seller “isoldmyz69,” didn’t bear the SS badge when it left the assembly line. Nevertheless, it’s an enticing model, thanks to a few key attributes.

The State of Preservation

This Impala is a genuine barn find. While the specifics of its long-term storage and exact hiding duration remain a mystery, it exhibits typical signs of aging, notably rust in common areas. The floors and trunk pan demand considerable attention.

The Heart Under the Hood

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Under the hood, you’ll find the original 327 V8 engine, capable of delivering 327 horsepower. It’s still functional, but the car isn’t roadworthy just yet. Immediate repairs are essential, and you’ll need a trailer to transport it.

The Rarity of the 427 Engine

In 1968, the Impala boasted the option of a 427 engine, widely considered the ideal choice for a Super Sport. However, this mill was a rare sight, with only slightly over 2,100 units featuring the 427.

The Unanswered Questions

The Impala appears restorable, but some crucial details have been omitted by the seller, especially considering its barn find status. Is the convertible mechanism still functional? Is everything intact? These questions remain unanswered in the provided photos, so prospective buyers should address them directly with the seller.

Interior and Pricing

The car’s interior seems to be in better condition compared to most Impalas of its era. There don’t appear to be any glaring omissions inside, although the seats do show some typical wear and tear. Fortunately, these issues appear reparable, and the dashboard remains unaltered.

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The Selling Price and Location

At a selling price of $10,000, it seems reasonable for a 1968 Impala that still starts and runs, despite its current state. However, it’s advisable to seek answers to the crucial questions before planning a visit, considering the barn’s influence on the vehicle’s condition. A 1968 Impala featuring an all-original package is undoubtedly a worthy candidate for a complete restoration.

The owner has stated that potential buyers can view the Impala convertible in New Jersey, but given its current unroadworthy status, transportation via a trailer is a necessity. The seller is firm on the selling price and isn’t open to other offers or trade-ins.


**Q1: What’s the significance of the 1968 Impala model?**
A1: The 1968 Impala model marked a notable increase in production for Chevrolet, with over 710,000 units manufactured, signaling positive news for the GM brand. The Super Sport variant, which had been the performance leader for Impala, experienced a decline in popularity.

**Q2: What is a barn find Impala?**
A2: A barn find Impala is a classic car that has been discovered after being stored in a barn or similar location for an extended period. These vehicles often require significant restoration due to their aging and exposure to the elements.

**Q3: What’s the condition of the 1968 Impala’s engine?**
A3: The 1968 Impala houses a 327 V8 engine that still functions, delivering 327 horsepower. However, it is not roadworthy at present and requires immediate repairs.

**Q4: What’s the rarity of the 427 engine in the 1968 Impala?**
A4: The 427 engine option in the 1968 Impala was relatively rare, with only slightly over 2,100 units equipped with this powerful engine.

**Q5: Where can the Impala be seen and how should it be transported?**
A5: The Impala convertible is currently located in New Jersey. As it’s not roadworthy, prospective buyers would need to transport it using a trailer. The seller is not open to other offers or trade-ins.

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