Finding a 1967 Firebird for restoration is not a tough task in today’s digital age. The internet is loaded with various projects in varying conditions. However, a recent listing on eBay claims to have something extraordinary – a potentially one-of-a-kind 1967 Firebird.

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The Unique History of the 1967 Firebird

This Firebird has a fascinating backstory. It was originally ordered in May 1967 by a Vietnam veteran who had a specific vision for his vehicle. Instead of the common 3-on-the-tree transmission that typically came with the 326 HO engine, this man opted for a 3-on-the-floor setup. Donkersley Pontiac Buick in Yuma, Arizona, was willing to fulfill this unique request.

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Furthermore, the car was fitted with a bench seat and the 3-speed transmission typically reserved for the 400 V8 engine. This combination, as claimed by the eBay seller “manny.1,” makes this Firebird potentially one-of-a-kind. While concrete evidence supporting this claim is scarce, it’s evident that very few Firebirds of this configuration were produced.

Originally intended to be a daily driver for the Vietnam vet, the tragic twist of fate intervened as he passed away before being discharged. With just 770 miles on the odometer, the car left Yuma, Arizona, and found a new home in New Jersey, where the original owner’s father took the helm. He used the Firebird for his weekly commute, and after his passing, the car was passed down to his grandson.

The eBay Listing

The eBay seller states that they acquired this unique Firebird with only 21,600 miles on it, and the photos provided in the listing clearly showcase its condition. Although it’s not in perfect shape, the original paint, while showing signs of aging, remains intact. Some spots do require immediate attention, but the vehicle is far from being a dilapidated project. Fortunately, rust doesn’t seem to be a major concern. Photos revealing the underside of the car depict solid metal, with only a few surface rust spots on the floors.

The engine, as seen in the photos, appears to be in good condition. While it’s uncertain whether any significant repairs were made recently, the extended periods of inactivity and low mileage have not caused any severe damage. The original engine still runs smoothly without any alarming noises.

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A Firebird in such a unique and impressive condition is unlikely to come with a modest price tag. In this case, the owner is asking for a substantial $40,000 for this all-original Firebird. Unsurprisingly, this listing has already drawn the attention of numerous online enthusiasts, with 39 individuals keeping a close watch on it, perhaps in anticipation of a potential price reduction.

1970 Pontiac Firebird


**Q1: Is the price negotiable?**
A: Yes, the owner has enabled the “Make Offer” option on the eBay listing, indicating a willingness to discuss the price with serious buyers.

**Q2: Can I see the car in person?**
A: Yes, if you want to inspect the 1967 Firebird up close and understand its unique features, you’ll need to travel to Roselle, New Jersey. The car is road-ready, but it’s advisable to consider towing it home to preserve its low mileage.

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