Uncovering Potential: 1967 C-code Mustang – A Restoration Opportunity

Embarking on the journey of restoring a Ford Mustang is not just a hobby; it’s an immensely rewarding experience, whether you aim to build a profitable venture with reselling or add an iconic model to your cherished collection. A 1967 C-code Mustang currently listed on eBay appears as a promising candidate, potentially suitable for both daily driving and a meticulous restoration project.

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The Enigma of a 1967 C-code Mustang

While enthusiasts often seek straightforward and budget-friendly Mustang projects, the 1967 C-code raises intriguing questions. Its history remains shrouded in mystery, and the absence of crucial details about its originality and completeness leaves room for speculation. Having spent years under cover, common rust issues, particularly in the undersides and trunk, are expected.

A Glimpse Under the Hood and Beyond

The scant details shared by the owner reveal that this Mustang is a C-code variant, initially featuring a 289 2-barrel engine with 200 horsepower. Although the engine currently does not run, enthusiasts have the option to explore the more potent S-code Mustang variant from 1967, equipped with a 390 4-barrel engine boasting 320 horsepower, later upgraded to 325 horsepower.

The provided interior photos hint at the need for a comprehensive cabin overhaul, emphasizing the importance of meticulous restoration, including cleaning and refurbishing.

The Road to Revival: A Decade in Waiting

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Having last graced the road around a decade ago, this Mustang presents itself as a compelling winter restoration project. Despite evident cosmetic challenges, its structural integrity appears solid, promising a potential return to the road with the right care and fixes.

Auction Arena: A No-Reserve Opportunity

In a favorable turn for potential buyers, this Mustang comes with a no-reserve selling strategy on eBay. The bidding, commencing at a mere $1, has already surged to $2,150, with 28 eager bidders vying for the chance to own and restore this piece of automotive history. The auction is set to conclude in five days, providing enthusiasts a limited window to make their bids.


Q1: What engine does the C-code Mustang originally come with?

A1: The C-code Mustang rolled off the assembly lines with a 289 2-barrel engine, developing 200 horsepower.

Q2: Is the Mustang drivable in its current state?

A2: The owner mentions that the car was last on the road approximately a decade ago and suggests that comprehensive fixes are needed, making it a suitable winter project.

Q3: Where can the Mustang be inspected before purchase?

A3: The Mustang is available for inspection in Maryland. Interested buyers are advised to bring a trailer for transportation.

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