A Stylish Duel: Polara vs. Impala

The year 1964 witnessed the emergence of the Dodge Polara, and some enthusiasts have speculated that its rear styling was influenced by the Chevrolet Impala. Amidst fierce competition between the two models, it’s tempting to assume that one imitated the other. However, upon closer examination, it becomes evident that both the Polara and Impala retained their distinctive designs for the 1964 model year. While certain design elements may bear similarities, it’s not accurate to claim that Dodge copied Chevrolet or vice versa.

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Polara: The Epitome of Luxury

Dodge made substantial investments in marketing the Polara, positioning it as a vehicle catering to buyers seeking standard luxury options. The 1964 Polara was available in multiple body styles, including convertible, 2-door hardtop, 4-door hardtop, and 4-door sedan, providing buyers with a range of choices to suit their preferences.

Engine Options Galore

Much like its rival, Chevrolet’s Impala, Dodge offered a variety of engine options for the Polara in 1964. The base six-cylinder engine, a 225 Slant-Six, was exclusively available on the 2-door hardtop and sedan models. For those desiring more power, the base V8 option was the 318, available across all four body styles.

Dodge didn’t stop there; they also offered more potent engine choices for the Polara, including a 383 with options for both 2-barrel and 4-barrel carburetors, as well as a formidable 426 with one or two 4-barrel carburetors.

A Golden Return: 1964 Polara Emerges

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After a remarkable 48-year hibernation, a 1964 Polara resurfaces, donning its original Golden Anniversary finish. Surprisingly, this 2-door hardtop remains in impressive condition, considering its age and extended period in storage since 1975. While it’s unclear if this Polara ever served as a donor for other projects, an initial visual assessment suggests its completeness. However, a thorough in-person inspection is essential to confirm this.

The Polara still houses its 318 engine, mated to an automatic transmission. Crucially, the listing on Craigslist does not reveal whether the engine still runs after its half-century slumber. The extended storage period could have taken its toll, possibly resulting in engine issues. Determining its condition would require a hands-on inspection by a skilled mechanic.

Overall, the car presents a sound foundation, but it is not without the typical challenges posed by rust and metal deterioration. Severe rust damage has led to significant holes in the floor pans, necessitating replacement. While information regarding the trunk pan is unavailable, optimism in this regard may be tempered.

An Opportunity Worth Pursuing

The asking price of $3,000 aligns with the car’s current condition, making it an enticing project for enthusiasts. With the right restoration efforts, the Polara could potentially appreciate significantly in value, possibly exceeding its current worth tenfold. Prospective buyers interested in viewing this vintage Dodge should make their way to Fort Scott, Kansas. However, bear in mind that transporting the car would require a trailer, as it may not be roadworthy in its current state.


Q1: Did the 1964 Dodge Polara directly copy the Chevrolet Impala’s rear styling?

A1: No, while there may be some design similarities, the 1964 Dodge Polara and Chevrolet Impala retained unique rear styling for the 1964 model year, and it’s not accurate to claim that one copied the other.

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Q2: How did Dodge market the 1964 Polara?

A2: Dodge marketed the 1964 Polara as a luxury vehicle, offering it in various body styles to cater to buyers seeking standard luxury options.

Q3: What engine options were available for the 1964 Polara?

A3: The 1964 Polara offered a range of engine choices, including a six-cylinder 225 Slant-Six and a base V8 318, along with more powerful options like the 383 and 426.

Q4: Is the 1964 Polara listed on Craigslist in running condition?

A4: The Craigslist listing does not specify the running condition of the 1964 Polara’s engine, and an in-person inspection by a mechanic would be necessary to determine its status.

Q5: What restoration challenges does the 1964 Polara pose?

A5: The 1964 Polara exhibits typical issues associated with rust and metal deterioration, including significant holes in the floor pans, necessitating replacement. The condition of the trunk pan is also uncertain.

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