Unveiling Potential: 1964 Chevrolet Impala Project Hits eBay

The iconic Chevrolet Impala, cruising through its heyday in 1964, witnessed soaring sales, becoming a symbol of automotive excellence. While the upcoming 1965 model was in the works, the 1964 edition retained its desirability, notably with the reintroduction of the powerful 409 big-block engine.

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Power Choices and Time-Worn Charm

The 409 engine offered three power choices, ranging from a formidable 340 horsepower to an impressive 425 horsepower, the latter being shared with the Biscayne and the Bel Air. While the 409 425 HP was a fitting configuration for the Impala SS, it was available for any Impala enthusiast in 1964.

eBay’s Glimpse into a Vintage Project

Recently surfacing on eBay, a 1964 Impala tells a story of many years in repose, hoping to captivate a prospective restorer with a penchant for projects rather than seeking immediate roadworthiness.

Rustic Beauty Seeking Revival

Despite the ravages of time manifesting as rust damage in typical areas, including compromised floors and a needy trunk, this Impala is a canvas for revival. The frame, too, exhibits signs of wear, demanding substantial metalwork before contemplating a return to the open road.

Engineless Canvas for Restoration Dreams

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A noteworthy caveat is the absence of an engine, suggesting the Impala might have served as a donor for another automotive endeavor. However, this can be seen as an opportunity for creative customization. For the enthusiast willing to reimagine this classic, installing a preferred engine could transform it into a potent restomod or a distinctive daily driver.

Price Negotiation for Restoration Enthusiasts

Priced at around $4,000, this vintage project carries the potential for negotiation, with the Make Offer option signaling the seller’s willingness to engage with committed buyers. Given the extensive rust damage and the absence of an engine, a reasonable offer might hover around $3,000.

From Georgia to Restoration Glory

Situated in Canton, Georgia, the Impala beckons to restoration aficionados, accompanied by several extras that could aid diverse project aspirations, be it a restomod, a lowrider, or a unique creation.


Q1: What is the asking price for the 1964 Impala project?

A1: The Impala project is listed at around $4,000, with the owner open to negotiation through the Make Offer option.

Q2: Does the Impala come with an engine?

A2: No, the Impala is offered without an engine, presenting an opportunity for personalized engine installation.

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Q3: Where is the vehicle located, and how can it be transported?

A3: The Impala is currently parked in Canton, Georgia. Prospective buyers would need a trailer for transportation.

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