Evolution of the Buick Electra

Throughout the early ’60s, Buick underwent a series of transformations with its Electra model in response to the evolving automobile market. In this dynamic era, Buick aimed to discover the perfect formula for a car that could compete with increasingly popular rivals.

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The Electra 225 Emerges

After a significant redesign in 1961, Buick retained the Electra 225 nameplate for subsequent model years. In 1964, the total production of Electra 225 approached 70,000 units, encompassing a range of body styles including sedans, convertibles, and two-door sports coupes.

A Remarkable Rediscovery

Recently emerging from its long-term sanctuary, a convertible Buick Electra has captured attention as a rare time capsule. While complete originality may be challenging to confirm, the vehicle’s standout feature is its exceptional mechanical condition, with all systems functioning flawlessly. According to the owner, the engine delivers “unbelievable power,” while the brakes and suspension require no attention.

Preservation of a Legacy

Previously cared for by its original owner, who has since passed away, the Buick was shielded from rust that often plagues aged automobiles, protecting vital areas like the floors and trunk. Although perfection eludes it, this Electra showcases an impressive level of preservation for its age. Detailed images of the undersides, revealing only minor surface rust, affirm its structural integrity.

Aesthetic Considerations

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While the vehicle’s paint remains in good condition, confirming whether it’s factory-original is a minor mystery due to the limited information provided by the owner. Collectors may prioritize addressing minor imperfections such as dings and scratches to attain exterior perfection.

Under the Hood Enigma

Although the engine runs and drives smoothly, important questions linger. It’s uncertain if this is the original powerplant, and there’s ambiguity surrounding any potential rebuilds. Until 1966, all Buick Electras left the factory equipped with a 401 V8. However, the 1964 model year introduced an optional 425 V8 big-block, boasting 360 horsepower.

A Glimpse into Time

The odometer indicates a low mileage, but verifying its originality remains elusive. Currently displaying just 20,000 miles (approximately 32,000 km), the Buick Electra could potentially be a rare time capsule, destined for a collector’s garage.

The Price Tag

The asking price for this exceptional Buick Electra stands at $19,000. This listing employs a fixed price format, but prospective buyers also have the opportunity to make alternative offers. The vehicle is located in Miami, offering interested parties the chance to inspect it in person.


Q1: What sets this Buick Electra apart from others?

A1: This Buick Electra stands out due to its remarkable mechanical condition and well-preserved structural integrity, making it a rare find.

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Q2: Is the paint on this Buick Electra believed to be factory-original?

A2: While the exact origin of the paint is not confirmed, it remains in good condition. Collectors may consider addressing minor imperfections.

Q3: What is the significance of the odometer reading on this Buick Electra?

A3: The odometer displays just 20,000 miles, potentially making this Electra a rare time capsule, although verifying its originality is uncertain.

Q4: Is the asking price of $19,000 reasonable for this Buick Electra?

A4: Considering its excellent mechanical condition and potential as a collector’s item, the asking price of $19,000 is a reasonable starting point, with room for negotiation through the Make Offer option.

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