The Galaxie Legacy

The Ford Galaxie, once Ford’s pride, emerged in 1959, initially as a high-tier trim and later as a standalone model from 1962 to 1974. Beyond its role as a family car, the Galaxie carved its niche in racing, gracing both drag strips and NASCAR ovals, equipped with Ford’s formidable FE-series V8 engines.

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Potent Powerplants of the Past

The Galaxie’s claim to fame lies in its powerhouse engines, starting with the 390-cubic-inch V8 in 1961, delivering up to 375 horsepower. Ford upped the ante in 1962 with a 406-cubic-inch unit boasting an impressive 405 horsepower. The following year witnessed the arrival of the wild 427-cubic-inch V8, packing a substantial 425 horsepower.

Galaxie’s Muscle Car Prowess

While the Galaxie might not enjoy the same spotlight as its muscle car counterparts today, these high-performance models, produced between 1961 and 1963, are rare gems. Among them stands the 1962 Galaxie 500, a meticulously restored example with a unique twist.

A Sleeper’s Revelation

Fitted with the top-tier 406-cubic-inch V8, this Galaxie boasts a rare distinction – a tri-power setup featuring three two-barrel carburetors, delivering a robust 405 horsepower. What sets it apart is its Holman-Moody lineage, a renowned racing outfit responsible for crafting factory Ford racing vehicles and clinching two NASCAR championships.

jUnassuming Power

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Despite its unassuming plain-white exterior, this Galaxie conceals its true potential. While the 406 retains much of its stock components, a competition camshaft and minor upgrades showcase the racing spirit instilled by Holman-Moody. This sleeper from 1962 stands as a testament to Ford’s racing heritage and could easily outgun many late 1960s muscle cars on the quarter-mile.

FAQs: Unveiling the Holman-Moody Galaxie

1. Q: What made the Galaxie a racing icon in the 1960s?
– A: The Galaxie earned its racing stripes with potent FE-series V8 engines, including the 390, 406, and 427-cubic-inch units.

2. Q: What distinguishes the 1962 Galaxie 500 featured in the article?
– A: This Galaxie is equipped with a rare tri-power 406-cubic-inch V8, boasting 405 horsepower, and holds the distinction of being prepped by the iconic Holman-Moody racing outfit.

3. Q: How rare are these high-performance Galaxies from 1961 to 1963?
– A: While Ford produced nearly 1.5 million Galaxies during this period, models with the powerful V8 engines are notably rarer due to factors like wrecks and abandonment.

4. Q: What upgrades does the Holman-Moody Galaxie feature?
– A: The Holman-Moody Galaxie retains much of its stock components but includes a competition camshaft and minor upgrades, showcasing its racing heritage.

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