In 1960, Dodge introduced the Dart, which came in three different trim levels: Seneca, Pioneer, and Phoenix. Most of the vehicles produced were equipped with the base Seneca treatment. However, the mid-range Pioneer and the top-of-the-range Phoenix versions played a pivotal role in boosting Dodge’s sales.

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The Dart lineup revitalized Dodge’s domestic strategy, leading to a substantial increase in production. In 1960, Dodge manufactured nearly 368,000 Dart units, largely due to the success of the various trim levels.

Customers who ordered a Dart had the option to stick with the base 225 six-cylinder engine or opt for more performance by choosing one of two available V8 engines. The base engine was the 318, with the 361 serving as an optional upgrade. In 1961, Dodge expanded the V8 engine lineup with the introduction of a 383 engine, providing customers with more powerful choices.

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Recently, a 1960 Dodge Dart Seneca 2-door sedan appeared on eBay, seeking a new home where it could undergo a complete restoration. This vintage vehicle, like many, exhibited the typical wear and tear associated with time, with significant rust in common areas. Notably, the floors and trunk pan showed signs of rust. Surprisingly, despite its age, the overall condition of this Dart Seneca was fairly decent.

While the car’s exterior condition was clear, the condition of its engine remained a mystery. The Dart originally rolled off the assembly line with a 225 engine, but it was unclear whether the current engine was the original or a replacement. Furthermore, the condition of the engine was unknown. The eBay seller, sskstmz, had not inspected it and couldn’t confirm whether it started or turned over manually. Given the vehicle’s overall state, a seized V8 engine wouldn’t be unexpected, but a knowledgeable mechanic could provide more information with an in-person inspection.

The owner of this Dart Seneca suggested that it could be a candidate for a Hemi-powered restoration, but if the six-cylinder engine still ran, it could also serve as a captivating survivor. Surprisingly, the original key was still in the ignition.

The owner listed the Dart Seneca for sale at a reasonable price of $2,750, considering its base 1960 model. Additionally, they enabled the Make Offer option on eBay, allowing potential buyers to submit offers. The listing had garnered significant attention, with over 70 people watching it, indicating a high level of interest.

Interested buyers who wished to inspect the Dart Seneca in person would need to travel to Brunswick, Nebraska. Given its condition, it was clear that a trailer would be necessary to transport the vehicle to its new home.

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1960 Dodge Dart Seneca

**FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions**

**Q1: What were the different trim levels of the 1960 Dodge Dart?**
A1: The 1960 Dodge Dart came in three trim levels: Seneca, Pioneer, and Phoenix.

**Q2: How did the Dart lineup affect Dodge’s sales in 1960?**
A2: The Dart lineup significantly boosted Dodge’s sales, pushing the total production in 1960 to nearly 368,000 units.

**Q3: What engine options were available for the 1960 Dodge Dart?**
A3: Customers could choose between the base 225 six-cylinder engine, the 318 V8, and the 361 V8. In 1961, Dodge introduced a 383 V8 engine as well.

**Q4: What was the condition of the 1960 Dodge Dart Seneca listed on eBay?**
A4: The vehicle exhibited typical wear and tear, with significant rust in common areas. The condition of the engine was unknown.

**Q5: How much was the owner asking for the 1960 Dodge Dart Seneca on eBay?**
A5: The owner listed the Dart Seneca for $2,750 but also allowed potential buyers to submit offers.

**Q6: Where was the Dart Seneca located, and how would it need to be transported?**
A6: The Dart Seneca was located in Brunswick, Nebraska, and due to its condition, a trailer would be required for transportation.

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