Evolution of Chevrolet’s Full-Size Series

In October 1959, Chevrolet unveiled its 1960 model year full-size series, introducing both the new Impala and a restyled Bel Air. Despite it being the second and final year of this generation, both models underwent significant styling changes. While sharing many parts, it was evident that the Impala was Chevrolet’s primary focus, securing its status as the flagship.

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Sales Dominance of the Impala

In 1960, the Impala solidified its position as Chevy’s long-term bet, contributing to nearly half a million units of total full-size sales. The Bel Air, while still a noteworthy model, trailed behind with fewer than 400,000 units sold.

Engine Choices for the Bel Air

Under the hood, the Bel Air continued to offer popular engine options. The lineup included the 235.5 straight-six, producing 135 horsepower. Surprisingly, this six-cylinder engine gained popularity in 1960, installed in nearly 30 percent of all GM brand models.

V8 enthusiasts had two choices: the 283 and the potent 348. The latter could reach an impressive 335 horsepower when equipped with a triple carburetor setup as part of the Super Turbo Thrust Special.

The Resurrection of a Craigslist Find

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Recently listed on Craigslist, the 1960 Chevrolet Bel Air initially appears as an abandoned project. However, a closer inspection reveals a hidden gem. This Bel Air, with just 33,000 miles on the odometer, has a fascinating history. It’s a two-owner vehicle, with the second owner acquiring it from a Chevrolet dealership in 1986.

A Well-Preserved Classic

This Bel Air, hailing from New Mexico, boasts excellent preservation. Its Cascade Green paint and Ermine White top, while showing typical sun fading, remain in decent condition. Notably, it’s free from rust issues, a testament to its meticulous care.

The Heart Under the Hood

Under the hood lies the six-cylinder engine, often underestimated but ideal for fuel economy enthusiasts. While there’s uncertainty about its current running condition, the low mileage and overall shape of the vehicle suggest positive news.

Restoration Prospects

Prospective buyers should prepare for essential restorations, including new tires, upholstery, a fresh coat of paint, and other critical repairs. The presence of the original spare tire in the trunk is a valuable detail.

The Opportunity Awaits

For those seeking a vintage classic, this 1960 Chevrolet Bel Air could be yours for $8,500. Located in Silver City, New Mexico, it’s advisable to bring a trailer since the car may not be road-worthy in its current state.

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Q1: What engine options were available for the 1960 Chevrolet Bel Air?

A1: The 1960 Bel Air offered a 235.5 straight-six and V8 choices, including the 283 and the potent 348.

Q2: Is rust a concern for this Bel Air?

A2: Fortunately, this Bel Air, originating from New Mexico, is rust-free and exhibits excellent preservation.

Q3: What does the vehicle’s $8,500 price tag include?

A3: The price includes the 1960 Bel Air, but prospective buyers should anticipate additional expenses for necessary restorations, such as new tires, upholstery, and a fresh coat of paint.

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