In 1958, the Ford Thunderbird underwent a significant transformation, marking a new chapter in its history. The iconic two-seater configuration was replaced with a four-seater design, making it a more family-friendly and luxurious car.

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Customer Reactions and Sales

This change brought about mixed reactions among Ford’s customer base. However, the sales figures that followed eventually validated Ford’s decision. Despite a late start in production, with assembly commencing in December 1957, three months behind schedule, Ford managed to sell nearly 38,000 units.

The convertible version was even slower to hit the streets, reaching the first customers in June 1958. Consequently, sales figures were modest, with only around 2,134 units sold.

A Rare Find on eBay

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Recently, a 1958 Ford Thunderbird appeared on eBay, seeking a new home. This vintage car stood out due to its remarkable condition. The vehicle still retained its original paint and maintained an impressive shape, a testament to the care it received from its previous owners, showing minimal signs of rust.

The eBay seller, going by the username “gibson63,” highlighted a series of recent repairs and maintenance. These included the replacement of hoses, belts, shocks, brake lines, and filters, along with a complete tune-up. With a properly functioning 352 V8 engine under the hood, this T-Bird was ready for the road.

1958 Thunderbird with low miles


**Q1: Is the car’s interior original?**

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A1: While everything in the car is in excellent condition, it’s unclear whether all the interior components are original. If they are, this Thunderbird could be considered a rare time capsule.

**Q2: Is rust a concern for this Thunderbird?**

A2: Rust shouldn’t be a concern for potential buyers. Photos of the car’s undersides reveal solid floors and a spotless trunk pan, indicating that no immediate repairs are necessary.

**Q3: What about the mileage?**

A3: This Thunderbird boasts remarkably low mileage, and the owner claims that the odometer’s reading of 34,800 miles is original. If you plan to purchase this car, it’s advisable to transport it on a trailer rather than driving it home.

**Q4: How does the price compare to other Thunderbirds on the market?**

A4: A low-mileage 1958 Thunderbird in such pristine condition is a rare find, and the owner is not offering it at a low price. The hardtop version is listed at $18,500. However, the “Make Offer” option is available, allowing potential buyers to negotiate a deal with the seller.

**Q5: Can I see the car in person before buying it?**

A5: If you’re uncertain whether this T-Bird is the right addition to your collection, you can visit New Jersey to view it in person. While the car is road-ready, it won’t be driven until someone takes it home.

This revised version presents the information in a straightforward and structured manner, providing a clear overview of the 1958 Ford Thunderbird’s transformation, its condition, and key details for potential buyers.

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