Reviving Legends: 1958 Biscayne and 1964 Impala Await Restoration

The late ’50s witnessed Chevrolet’s resurgence with iconic full-size models such as the Bel Air and Impala, steering the brand to record sales. Now, on Craigslist, an opportunity arises to own a piece of this automotive history—a 1958 Biscayne and a 1964 Impala, each with its unique charm and restoration potential.

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Unveiling the 1958 Biscayne

The 1958 Biscayne, a rarity in its original configuration, stands as a testament to automotive heritage. Although it has weathered time’s passage, the car remains structurally sound. The engine, a six-cylinder powerhouse paired with a two-speed Powerglide transmission, has been coaxed back to life with fresh fuel. Despite minor rust, the Biscayne presents an enticing prospect for restoration enthusiasts. Priced at $5,000, this vintage gem comes with original keys and a title.

The 1964 Impala: A Classic in Waiting

In the spotlight alongside the Biscayne is the 1964 Impala, a four-door sedan boasting factory-fitted air conditioning and power brakes. Though having spent considerable time in repose, the Impala retains its functionality. A diligent owner has initiated repairs, ensuring the car’s solid condition, particularly the floors and trunk pan. With a six-cylinder engine matched to an automatic transmission, the Impala has the potential to reclaim its former glory. Available for $4,800, this classic comes with a promise of straightforward restoration, transforming it into a potential daily driver.

Considerations for Restoration Enthusiasts

While both classics beckon for complete restoration, the 1958 Biscayne’s allure lies in its rarity, despite featuring a six-cylinder engine—a potential point of contention for some enthusiasts favoring the V8 power synonymous with 1958 Chevrolets. Priced at $5,000, the Biscayne comes bundled with the original keys and a title.

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The 1964 Impala, a legend in its own right, marked the prelude to the record-breaking 1965 model year. Available for $4,800, this project presents a compelling opportunity to craft a daily driver. A fully restored example, retaining its original configuration, holds the promise of a significant increase in value.


Q1: Is the 1958 Biscayne in running condition?

A1: Yes, the owner has managed to get the 1958 Biscayne running with fresh fuel, although additional fixes are required for road-worthiness.

Q2: What is the price of the 1964 Impala?

A2: The 1964 Impala is listed at $4,800, providing a promising foundation for a restoration project.

Q3: Are these classics drivable in their current state?

A3: While the 1964 Impala has been driven around the neighborhood and is in working condition, both cars require additional touches before embarking on long journeys.

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